Why you need to update your school's security camera's

Why you need to update your school's security camera's


Security cameras can make people nervous, and when they’re in schools they can make parents nervous.  However, most parents are willing to accept security cameras at school because of everything that can happen on campus:  drug deals, theft, bullying, and more.  Cameras can prevent crimes by being easy to see, and they’re even better at letting the school staff know that crimes are happening and who’s committing them.     

However, most schools in Arvada, CO also tend to have budget problems.  Many schools are still using old CCTV security systems, and that’s if they have any security cameras at all.  However, a good security system can be well worth the expense of updating to a modern system.  A lot has changed and improved with security camera technology in the last few years, and so a modern system can offer a lot of upgrades without costing more than a school budget can afford.


HD Footage Captures More Details in Arvada, CO

Older camera systems use analog connections, and they can only pass so much information through a cable.  Modern camera systems use digital connections, and between that and the high-tech design of today’s cameras, you can get a crisp, high-definition image streaming real-time from a dozen or more locations at once.  This lets the security staff catch details that older cameras would miss:

  • The faces of people standing on the other side of the room
  • Objects quietly passed between two people
  • Threatening movements or actions
  • The license plates on cars


Hybrid Systems Let You Use Your Old Cameras

You don’t have to tear down and throw out all your old cameras when you upgrade your system with HD video cameras.  Hybrid DVR systems let you connect both digital and analog cameras into the same network, so you won’t have to buy a completely new set and you can give your school campus extra coverage.  But with that said, you should try to move your older cameras to locations where high-quality images aren’t as important, like teachers’ offices and storage closets.


Security Camera Footage Helps During Litigation

Parents can often be a little too eager to sue a school if something happens to their child while on campus.  Schools and teachers do have a responsibility to keep kids safe, but there’s often only so much they can do and their budgets only have so much money to spare.  If parents accuse a school district of negligence when their child comes to harm, having security footage on hand of the incident or incidents can show what really happened and whether the district is or isn’t responsible.

Secure Your Arvada School's Safety With An Updated Security Camera

Security cameras can feel unnerving, but the benefits of an up-to-date school security system far outweigh that discomfort.  Upgrading to a modern camera system doesn’t have to cost much, especially if you look at what Supercircuits has to offer, and thanks to hybrid systems you can still use your old cameras to save some money.  It’s important to keep kids safe and keep crimes off-campus, and a good security system with high-definition cameras and a modern recording system can do a lot to help.

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